一般社団法人ゲームチェンジャー・インスティテュート(以下、GCI)は、「状況を一変する人や事象」と定義される「ゲームチェンジャー(Game Changer)」について研究することを目的とします。以下4つの事業を行います。

(1) 研究ならびに研究支援事業
(2) 人材育成事業
(3) 「国際ゲームチェンジャー学会」の事務局事業
(4) その他前各号に掲げる事業に附帯又は関連する事業

The Game Changer Institute (GCI) is aimed at studying "Game Changer" which is defined as "a person changing circumstances and events". We will do the following 4 projects.


(1) Research and research support project

(2) Human Resource Development Project

(3) Secretariat of "International Game Changer Association"

(4) Other incidental or related businesses related to the projects listed in the preceding items

Mail: hello.gci@gamechanger-inst.org

Tel: 81-(0)50-3637-4794


田辺 大
Representative Director

Yutaka Tanabe

Google Scholar


Yutaka is from Saitama. He found Gamechangers corporation on 2003. Prior to Gamechangers, he worked for Automobile company and PwC Consulting. He is a member of Japan NPO Research Association (JANPORA) and member of International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR). He graduated from Chuo University (BA, political science) and joined PhD program of Non Profit Management Course at Tokyo Institute of Technology. 


加納 奈央子
Director COO

Naoko Kano

コミュニケーションをキーワードに企業と社会の課題解決をめざすコピーライター/広報プロデューサー。2001年秋より数回渡米、バークレーのNPOにてベイエリアの市民活動・社会的企業について学ぶ。大学などで広告文化・広報・メディアを担当。Communication Works主宰、Ethical Instituteなごや代表。名古屋大学国際言語文化研究科修了。

Copywriter / Public Relations Producer aiming to solve corporate and social issues by using communication as a key word. From autumn 2001, learn about civic activities and social enterprises in the Bay Area at NPO in Berkeley, USA several times. Naoko is in charge of advertising culture, publicity, media at university etc. Communication Works president, Ethical Institute Nagoya representative. MA, the international language and culture course at Nagoya University.


福田 博樹

Director CFO

Hiroki Fukuda


Hiroki is from Miyazaki. Being a CFO at a former telecommunications company and participating in the Harvard Society Entrepreneurial Study Study Program, he turned to an agricultural entrepreneur. With decision and action power, he is actively pursuing the challenge to change the environment surrounding agriculture, livestock, and food richly and happily.


荻野 尚武



Naotake Ogino

(Certified Public Accountant)

東京都出身。2004年にKPMGあずさ監査法人へ入社。東証1部上場企業から外資系企業までの会計監査、内部統制コンサルティング業務、及びM&A業務に従事。2011年から2014年までKPMG Atlantaにて主として日系企業の会計監査、コンサルティング業務を行う。2015年に独立。荻野尚武公認会計士事務所を設立し、現在に至る。慶應義塾大学卒業。

Naotake is from Tokyo. In 2004 he joined KPMG AZSA LLC. He engaged in accounting audits from the listed company in Tokyo Stock Exchange to foreign-affiliated companies, internal control consulting, and M & A business. From 2011 to 2014 he joined KPMG Atlanta, and conducted accounting audits and consulting services mainly for Japanese companies. He got Independence in 2015, and established Ogino Naotake Certified Public Accountant Office. He graduated from Keio University.

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